LEarning the nuances

A sound knowledge of theory and literature is indispensible part of a dancer’s training. At AEKA, students at every level are taught the theory of dance and music. The training methodology followed at AEKA not only focuses on the technical ability of the dancer but also into fine tuning of their mastery of Abhinaya and the subtle nuances of Bharatanatyam.


Classes are structured to motivate, involve and encourage learning through observation and dedicated practice.

'Art for creativity' is an after school program, designed towards constructive use of after school time to help build:
Stronger self image
Critical personal skills
New interests
Build confidence


Whether your goal is to actually dance Bharatanatyam or just learn all about it,
step in.


To build confidence in dance and yourself, while learning in a fun and
supportive environment.


"Aimed for dancers who want an intensive training experience to be the beautiful and graceful dancers they are."


Master the techniques


Classes online and in-person by Aparna Raghavan, Founder of Aeka Academy, Senior student of Padma Bhushan The Dhananjayans.

Online / In-person

Class By

Aparna Raghavan


Our senior student & now a faculty member, will teach Bharatanatyam and Cāris at Aeka Academy premises, in Geneva. Online classes available on demand.


Class By

Alice Bordoloi


Alice's journey as a dancer commenced at the age of 14. Of Indian and German heritage but raised in Switzerland, she has grown a profound connection to her Indian roots through classical Indian dance, enriching her cultural identity.

Alice Amrapali is a student of esteemed gurus Monika Kunz and Nirupama Rajendra, and, most recently, Aparna Raghavan in Geneva. While she has explored various styles, her foundation remains rooted in the Kalakshetra tradition. Under the tutelage of Monika and Nirupama, she also delved into the intricacies of Caris and the 108 Karanas, further expanding her dance vocabulary. She also pursued contemporary dance training at the Zurich School for Dance and Theatre. Following her graduation, she joined the Chitralekha Dance Company in Birmingham as a company dancer, danced for Nina Rajarani in London as well as for the Radha Kalpa Dance Company under Director Rukmini Vijayakumar in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga teacher.

Teaching Bharata Natyam is Alice's true passion. She takes immense pleasure in imparting her knowledge and transmitting the joy of dancing to her students. With a meticulous approach, she also emphasizes the importance of a rigorous and precise technique. She has been teaching Bharata Natyam in Zurich for many years, and as a senior faculty member of AEKA she acts as substitute teacher at the academy.

She holds a Master's degree in English Literature and is an experienced communication and PR professional. She is also a mother of a young daughter and lives with her family in Geneva.